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We have tried to answer all of the questions or concerns that you may have before entrusting your pet with Caring Heart Pet Care. If your question isn’t answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Why should you hire Caring Heart Pet Care?

Caring for your pet is our main focus, not a hobby or pastime. We are insured, bonded and qualified so that you can rest assured that your pet is being walked and cared for safely and effectively by knowledgeable, professional individuals.

I am interested in Caring Heart Pet Care, how do I get started?

To get started, please contact us at 678-250-4058 or email us at We will arrange a convenient time to meet you and your pet and discuss our services, review our process and your needs, and select a start date. This initial meeting is free of charge.

What services do we offer?

Caring Heart Pet Care provides a variety of services to meet your pet’s needs. We provide dog walking and pet sitting at your home. Please take a look at our Services page.

What is the 'Meet and Greet'?

The Meet and Greet is when Caring Heart Pet Care comes to your home and meets you and your pets. It is important for you and your pet(s) to feel comfortable with us. This is also a time for pet owners to tell us about daily routines or any specialized information about your home or pet.

How does our pet sitting service work?

We will visit your pet in your home to keep him/her as happy as possible in his/her everyday environment. Each visit will include a potty break and exercise time outdoors, fresh water and plenty of TLC. Updates and pictures will be sent to let you know how your pets are doing. We make sure to keep your pet on schedule and happy in your absence.

Does Caring Heart Pet Care board pets?

Sorry, we do not board pets. We believe animals benefit when they are in the comfort of their own home and the services we provide give pet owners an excellent alternative to traditional boarding, reducing the stress on their pet.

What if you don’t make it back from your trip on time?

We ask that you notify us if your return timeframe changes and additional services are needed. If we don’t hear from you, we call you. If we still don’t hear from you, we continue our services until you return. Pet care is our priority.

How long does our visit last?

As the pet owner you can select the length of the walk for you dog. For example, if you select a 30 minute visit the walk will be approximately 25 minutes. The remainder of the visit will be spent freshening the water bowl, feeding if applicable and making sure the dog is comfortable and secure. If we are visiting your cat, we will change litter, feed, give fresh water, and always leave time for play!

What do you do in case of bad weather?

In the case of inclement weather such as heavy snow or rain or extreme temperatures, we will ensure your dog gets out for a potty break and will spend the remainder of the visit playing indoors with him/her. If serious weather (such as a blizzard) poses any danger to your pet or our staff, Caring Heart Pet Care reserves the right to cancel walks. It is good to have a back-up plan for your pet’s care (like a neighbor or relative who lives nearby) in case we are not able to visit your pet(s) due to inclement weather.

How do we retrieve and return keys?

We will pick up keys at the initial meet and greet. Please have two sets of keys ready for us. If you wish for us to return them, we will either leave them under the mat or a secret hiding spot when all services are complete. We can also drop them off at a later date if you so wish. Also, if your home requires a fob or code to gain access to grounds, we will need that as well. Your individual needs will be discussed at the initial complimentary meet and greet.

Where are your keys kept?

All clients’ keys are kept in a locked secure safe when not in use. The keys are never labeled with the client’s address.

How much notice is needed to cancel a service?

For all services, Caring Heart Pet Care requires a 24-hour cancellation notice. A fee equal to 50% of all scheduled services will be charged for same day cancellations.

How will I know how my pet is doing while I am away?

We provide our clients with written notes about our visits which are left at the client’s home. If the client wishes, updates can also be emailed or texted to the client. In case of any emergencies, we will call you immediately. If we are unable to get in touch with you, we will call the emergency contact you provided on your pet profile.

What happens if a pet becomes ill in our care?

If we suspect your pet is ill while in our care we will immediately contact the emergency phone numbers listed on your service contract. In a case where both you and your emergency contact are unavailable, we reserve the right to seek medical care for your pet. It is at the pet owner’s expense if immediate medical attention is needed.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Caring Heart Pet Care accepts cash and checks only.